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Solar Panel Noise Barriers

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Solar Panel Noise Barriers

Although roads are necessary for cars, those living on the side can be quite disturbed by the noise. On the other hand, we cannot find land to put solar panels in the city. The Uşaklıgil firm has finally released a product that combines these two beautifully.

City noise, which is not generally considered in environmental pollution, but is very important, is a disturbing type of sound for people. The majority of these sounds are generally based on the noise generated by the roads. The best method to get rid of this noise is sound barriers, which we are now seeing in our country as well.

Only most of the sound barriers are designed to reflect the sound, to give it back to the road or to reflect it upwards, and the solution of the Uşaklıgil company is to ensure that these barriers absorb the sound, but the main concern for us is to obtain electrical energy from it.

The company’s barriers can be any way you want, in any color, pattern or even transparent. If you want, it can be mounted on roads, highways, railways and bridges. It can even be mounted on existing sound barriers. The best option is a barrier that produces double-sided light, which really produces a lot of energy.

The option of installing a 1.2 MW solar power plant per kilometer is very attractive. The sound absorption rate is as high as 0.8+. The developed technology has already attracted serious attention.

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