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Solar Panel Noise Barriers

In our project, which combines the production of renewable energy with solar panel sound barriers, the acoustic performance of noise barriers and the benefit of solar energy, the noise level comes to the fore as cities, highways, railways, parking areas and transportation facilities develop in today’s conditions, as well as electricity consumption. is increasing day by day. Uşaklıgil plans to reduce both electricity and noise levels in cities by combining solar energy and sound barriers.

Solar solar energy systems offer innovative smart clean transportation based solar energy solutions for highways, railways etc. Noise barriers are developing the first highway solar energy sound barriers in Turkey and Europe in order to reduce noise pollution and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. For each project, Uşaklıgil examines sound barrier construction materials and methods, transportation safety, environmental technical, social and economic factors, as well as the needs and requirements of the society in detail. Uşaklıgil allows it to help our country and our future in new projects planned with innovative solar panel noise barriers in transportation and nature. Choose quality for a healthy life.

Solar Panel Sound Barrier – Noise Barrier

Solar Gurultu Bariyeri Solar Panel Gurultu Bariyeri

Uşaklıgil business development R&D director Uğur Çalışkol “Solar panel noise barriers in the future and today’s conditions will now become a searchable product in new projects with today’s technology.” The Sound Curtain, also known as the noise barrier, is specially designed to withstand weather conditions, natural conditions and the toughest outdoor industrial environments. It has a structure that is resistant to factors such as water and humidity, although it is intended to reduce noise. Our noise barrier applications are produced as corrosion resistant perforated, galvanized, aluminum, dkp and stainless depending on the situation, and are manufactured by calculating the thickness and height of our barrier in direct proportion to the noise level of the noise sources, the frequency range, the distance of the noise source to the area disturbed by the noise.

Solar Panel Gurultu Bariyeri Solar Enerji Gurultu Bariyeri

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