Sound Barrier

Domestic Manufacturer of Sound Barriers


The unplanned and inward development of industrial areas in fast developing cities and the increase of traffic density which is formed by Highways and Railways, causing the increase perceivable noise intensity. It will threaten the health Lof living being and people . The aim of the Noise and Sound Barriers is to remove this negative noise by reducing the noise effect in order to offer a healthier living space for people.

Noise and Sound Bariye Generation Produced by Uşaklıgil Compnany Wich is based on 22.000 m2 Land belonging to Uşaklıgil İnşaat Tel Örme Çit San. in Kocaeli-Dilovası Machine Specialized Industrial Zone. İt will provide to our countries people to achieve quality of life of developed countries people’s life. Wish to be global company for several years With our proven positive performans in aplication and combines with the severity in harmony with international standarts.


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